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CHALLENGE: I Want to See Ben Affleck Build a PC

Ben Affleck is an Academy Award-winning actor (he was the bomb in Jersey Girl!), director, screenwriter, and producer. Recently, director Andy Muschietti announced that Affleck is returning to his Batman role for the upcoming The Flash movie. The ‘Batfleck’ will be part of the DC multiverse thing where other Batmen (including Michael Keaton) will show up to hang out with The Flash and make fun of Superman’s weird upper lip issues.


For all the hoopla regarding Affleck’s movie star and celebrity status, we here at Cinema Listed dot com will never forget Affleck’s interviews on TechTV/G4 where he talks at length about technology and playing video games. Don’t believe me? Well I got them receipts!

No seriously, it’s 2020 and you just watched Ben Affleck talk about beta testing “a game called Warcraft III.”


Recently, Superman himself Henry Cavill released a horny thirst-trap Instagram video of him building a computer from scratch while in a tanktop. It’s basically the modern day equivalent of the Top Gun volleyball montage:

If Smallville can flex and fumble his way through a gaming computer build, shouldn’t Bruce Wayne be able to?


So here’s my challenge to Ben Affleck: show us your computer build (not a metaphor).

Sure, you’re probably busy hanging out on a paradisaical island retreat with your movie star girlfriend Ana de Armas. Sipping Mai Tais all day. Driving fancy vehicles. Paying people to throw Ferraro Rocher into your mouth. But maybe you’ll read this and hop in a Jeep Renegade to buy some computer parts to quickly show us how you build a gaming PC (to play Warcraft III).

Will you sit idly by watching Hank Cavill build gaming PC’s in what appears to be his grandma’s craft room? Or will you hit Superman where it really hurts: in his e-peen.

hank cavill build pc!

Maybe have Ana help you – it could be like that scene in Ghost where Patrick Swayze helps guide Demi Moore’s hands as she applies thermal paste to her computer’s CPU to allow for an efficient transfer of heat from the processor’s heat sink to the CPU cooler.

Bonus points if you show off your fancy gaming computer in action. Also, extra bonus points if you tell me your name so we can play some Warcraft III tower defense mods.

For all one person reading this (thanks mom), be sure to use the hashtag #BatfleckBuildPC to rally support for this noblest of causes.

Will this challenge ever be completed/acknowledged? Probably not. But, for now let’s all take solace in the fact that Batman probably wears adult diapers with his Batsuit. Because there’s no way he can quickly go potty wearing that thing and I’ve never seen zippers on a Batsuit.

P.S. if you stream any of the Batfleck movies below I may earn some of those sweet, sweet Bezos Bucks:

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