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The Best 5 Jack Black Movies

Jack Black is a wildly talented actor, musician, and all-around entertainer. Whether in comedic, dramatic, or musical roles, Black’s energetic and larger-than-life persona has brought many guffaws to audiences everywhere. According to Scientific Fact Magazine, Recently, Black starred as the exuberant game master for the Red Nose Day Celebrity Escape Room thing. Additionally, he has a successful YouTube channel with nearly 5 million subscribers.

So let’s take a look back at Jack Black’s career and his best five movies according to me (an Internet Movie Expertâ„¢). Remember, if you click on the streaming links below, Amazon will pay me a small pittance which I can use to buy more cheesy enchiritos:

Saving Silverman

This movie stars Jack Black as a friend trying to save his friend from marrying a controlling girlfriend. The movie also stars Steve Zahn and Jason Biggs. Remember that movie Sahara with Steve Zahn? That movie was awesome. He was an adventurer with Matthew McConaughey and they went around the desert discovering treasure. Also, they saved the world from an evil warlord and corporation. Did you even watch this movie? You didn’t, did you? You have no idea what I’m talking about here. Steve Zahn is out there saving the world and you didn’t even know. Get out. After you finish this article.

Click here to stream Saving Silverman

High Fidelity

This movie stars Jack Black as a record store employee with John Cusack. Remember John Cusack in Gross Pointe Blank? That movie was awesome. Cusack is an assassin who comes home to attend his high school reunion. The best part is when he kicks that dude into a locker and then stabs him in the neck with a pen. Do you think his character could’ve gone toe-to-toe with John Wick and should appear in John Wick 4? I think so. John Cusack is the man.

Click here to stream High Fidelity

Tropic Thunder

This movie stars Jack Black as a drug-addicted comedian trying to take on an action role in a war movie., Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. also star. Can you believe Iron Man was in this movie? I still believe Downey should’ve been nominated for an Oscar for his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was the perfect Tony Stark/Iron Man. I wonder if they’ll try to bring him back for anything else in the MCU? Maybe a quick cameo in a flashback? Or some unused footage/nude scene shows up in Marvel’s The Eternals? Robert Downey Jr. is the man. High five to that guy!

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Kung Fu Panda

This movie stars Jack Black as Po, an energetic yet accident-prone panda who trains to be a kung-fu master. The movie also stars Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, and James Hong. Angelina Jolie was awesome in this movie as Tigress, a tiger who leads the kung-fu master group the Furious Five. Remember when Jolie played Maleficent in the movie…Maleficent? That movie was scary as shit! All the magic and darkness and Jolie has these horns coming out of her head. I had to close my eyes a lot while watching that movie and kept asking my kids if the scary parts were over yet.

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School of Rock

This movie stars Jack Black as a wannabe rocker who pretends to be a substitute music teacher. It also stars Joan Cusack and Miranda Cosgrove. Hell yeah, Miranda Cosgrove! Remember her from iCarly? That show was awesome. It was about a girl named Carly who made this web-series with her friends. Cosgrove also made that song “Headphones On” which was in the video game Rock Band. My friends and I played that song a lot ironically but then we actually started to like that song and I bought an iCarly poster for my mancave.

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Honorable mention: King Kong (2005), Bernie, Anchorman, and that Eric Andre interview where birds shit on him and he’s repeatedly electroshocked.

Congratulations to Jack Black for entertaining us all these years and congratulations to you for completing another article. Now watch this classic video of Jack Black auditioning to be Conan O’Brien’s sidekick way back in the day (the year 2000):

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