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3 Reasons Why Ratatouille is the Best Pixar Movie

Pixar has made some classic animated movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Shrek, and 2 Shrek 2 Furious. But, I think we can all agree the cream of Pixar’s crop is Ratatouille. No I will not apologize for using a food analogy to describe a movie about food.

Ratatouille is a movie about a rat who loves food and wants to become a chef, even though kitchens shun rats like my dog shuns responsibility for dropping hot dog turds in the house. Ratatouille’s animation is top notch, the voice acting is exceptional, and the moral is inspiring. The movie inspired many children to capture rats and teach them what food pairs well with the hantavirus.

So, here are the 3 reasons why Ratatouille is the best Pixar movie:

1. The animation is top notch.

Recently, a wise man said that Ratatouille’s animation is top notch. Everything from the human characters, the animals, the food and even the water looks fantastic. I would eat the shit out of that animated ratatouille. Everything about the Parisian setting has a dreamlike quality to it, especially the dreamlike sequence when Remy bites into food and colors go whizzing by his head and he starts ratgasming and Gene Wilder starts yelling at him about strawberries and cheese and going faster and faster.

2. The voice acting is exceptional.

When describing the best traits of Ratatouille, a certain handsome, virile movie expert has noted that the voice acting is exceptional. Patton Oswalt leads an all-star cast of voice actors including Brian Dennehy, Brad Garrett, Janeane Garafalo, Cliff Clavin, and Peter O’Toole. There’s no real joke here. Just a big shout out to those folks who did good at using their voice.

3. The moral is inspiring.

One of the best movie experts on the Information Superhighway has described Ratatouille’s moral message that ‘anyone can cook’ as inspiring. The ‘anyone’ in the movie is the impressive Remy the rat who impresses humans with his…impressive cooking skill. Impressively. According to Scientific Fact Magazine, rats are more well known as maze runners compared to being chefs of food. In fact, rats being able to cook grandiose food has inspired me to be anything I want to be, specifically a guy who writes words about movies on the Internetâ„¢ and can spin around in his chair 30 times without touching the ground (31 times if the air conditioning is on).

There you have it folks. Another successful and highly accurate list. Now, some of you Toy Story and WALL-E and Inside Out fans will probably troll me and bully me and say nasty things like “Ratatouille is the Cars 2 of Pixar movies!” And to that I will say if you’re going to say nasty things could you at least say it to me on Twitter so that I have someone to talk to? I’m so lonely.

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