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Dwayne Johnson: The Rock’s Best 5 Movies

Dwayne Johnson is an actor, retired wrestler and football player, producer, and all around media mogul. Also known by his wrestling name, The Rock, the former wrestler/football player/scorpion man is now a bonafide movie star, business owner, and social media influencer. His biceps and pecs are bigger than my entire body and he could squish me like a small fly, but I could probably take him at Mario Karts 64 and Double Dash.

Let’s take a look back at the best Dwayne Johnson movies because it’s 2021 and I want an excuse to write ‘jabroni’ a lot:

The Game Plan

dwayne 'the rock' johnson

A cult classic (probably), this movie stars Johnson as bachelor football quarterback Joe Kingman who suddenly finds out he has a daughter. He adjusts to life as a parent while leading his team to the championship. He learns that having 300-lb human missiles trying to kill you is easier than taking care of a human child. There’s even a musical scene where Johnson does ballet like a jabroni!


dwayne 'loves the ham hock' johnson

This movie is about girl named Moana who rides around in a boat. Johnson stars as Maui, a demigod who can’t swim but has big muscles and luscious locks. The movie is beautiful and inspiring and showcases another Johnson talent: singing. I sing that ‘Thank You’ song all the time: in the fast food drive thru, at the bank, and after sex. Try it, jabroni!

Jumanji: The Next Level

dwayne 'the big shock' johnson

Hey we already talked about this movie but we’re going to talk about it again because I need to fill this list and this is what we call an inbound link that takes you to another article from this website so you won’t leave. Jumanji: The Next Level is a sequel to a sequel about real people being trapped in a board/video game. The movie showcases Johnson’s ensemble skills with Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart as characters trapped in the fantasy game. Also, the movie features Nick Jonas but that dude is a straight up jabroni!

The Other Guys

dwayne 'count rockula' johnson

Johnson stars as an overconfident cop who pairs with Samuel L. Jackson to kick butt and fight crime. They shoot guns, drive cars, and jump off buildings. I was hoping he and Sam Jack would’ve been in this movie longer. Gator is a jabroni!

That Saturday Night Live episode from 2000

dwayne 'loves amber bock' johnson

First, don’t complain about this being a TV episode and not a movie because I don’t care. Second of first, this was possibly the greatest SNL episode in the last 30 years and was really Johnson’s introduction to the comedy world. The episode is hilarious and you should watch it immediately. It features The Rock in a sweet blue suit, Mr. Peepers (RIP), and The Rock as a jabroni Superman. It was basically a portfolio/resume episode for Johnson to show the entertainment world.

Thank you for reading this Cinema Listed dot com article. I’m sorry I called people jabronis. I don’t even know what that word means. I think it’s some kind of buttered pastry?

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