Thursday, April 18, 2024

Here Are the 3 Biggest Oscar Snubs of 2021

The Academy Awards should give out participation Oscars to everyone in movies so we don’t have to talk about people who were snubbed every year. This year was full of hopeful Oscar contenders turned vicious Oscar snubs. Contenders who now have the unenviable task of paying hackers for the Zoom login password to a virtual Awards afterparty.

Here are the three biggest Oscar snubs of 2021:

Andy Samberg, Palm Springs

This is kind of a Groundhog Day repeating time movie but this time set in Palm Springs (the Yakima of California) and with two people going through time shenanigans. Andy Samberg stars in the movie. I’ll watch anything with him in it including that one Arrested Development scene where he’s a Blue Man Group stage manager for like 3 seconds.

Kathryn Hahn, WandaVision

Ok, sure it’s not a movie, but this is my website so I’m going to give all the credit Kathryn Hahn deserves. Agnes is the best character in WandaVision. They should’ve called it AgneVision. Her character steals every scene in the show. The 50ish seconds for her theme song (you know what song I’m talking about wink wink spoilers wink wink ) are the best 50ish seconds of entertainment from the last year.

Ving Rhames, those Arby’s commercials

If you’ve never heard an Arby’s commercial, then you are missing out on the best voice acting today in film cinema. Sure, commercials are nowhere near the Academy Awards and you might be thoroughly disgusted thinking about Arby’s curly fries during an Oscar snubs article. But you should listen to an entire movie of Arby’s commercials in Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound just to hear Ving Rhames bring out the sexiness of roast beef and nacho cheese sandwiches. He got the meats, now give him an Oscar!

Thanks for reading another fascinating Cinema Listed dot com article! Now enjoy this refreshing Dankmus video of Mr. Snrub because his name sounds like ‘snub’ and it cracks me up:

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