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The Best 5 Movies Starring Amy Adams

Amy Adams is an Oscar-nominated actress known for critically-praised comedic, dramatic, and heroic performances. When she wins an Oscar I will celebrate and give her a high five. Her versatile acting roles have ranged from a handbag saleswoman on The Office to Jim’s girlfriend on The Office to Jim’s ex-girlfriend on The Office.

Here’s the list of the best 5 movies starring Amy Adams.

5. Arrival

Do you think Jim from The Office ever thought about how he unceremoniously dumped Amy Adams on a party boat? Then she went on to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world? Man that guy really blew it.

4. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I mean, what were the reasons Jim from The Office had for dumping Amy Adams? Because she liked Legally Blonde and she was a high school cheerleader? Seems pretty shallow there, Jimmy. I’m sorry we all drink from our wine snifters and watch Citizen Kane and join chess club in high school.

3. The Muppets

Also, he broke up with her while the boat was out on the water. What exactly was the plan there? Did he think she would be cool with it and jump off the boat and swim to shore? It was the middle of winter! She had to stay on the boat, stewing in her own fury, while people partied around her. Thanks for the awesome date, Jimbo!

2. Enchanted

I wonder if Amy Adams got dumped and was like, “you know what, I’m going to become a Hollywood actress and never think about those Scranton losers ever again. And fuck handbags.” And then she did just left and became a movie star. Someone should write an autobiographical movie about her rags-to-riches story from handbag saleswoman to Hollywood icon now being honored in a Cinema Listed dot com article.

1. Discenchanted

Ok this movie isn’t out yet but you know what, I’m going to add it anyway to future proof this article. I’m betting this is going to be another awesome Amy Adams movie and I hope she gets to sing a song talking about how much Jim from The Office blew his chance. Also the cartoon birds and squirrels will sing along in the chorus going “Jim Halpert is a bitch!”

There you have it folks! Go watch some Amy Adams movies and cheer her on and never forget how Jim from The Office was the real villain of that show.

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