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The 10 Best Will Smith Movies

Will Smith is a Hollywood star and cultural icon capable of acting, rapping, dancing, and bungee jumping out of helicopters. He’s starred in a wide range of movies, including action blockbusters, dramas, romantic comedies, and music videos disregarding the advice of parents. His entertainment has left an indelible mark on our cultural landscape.

More importantly, remember during the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when the street tough picks up Will on the basketball court and spins him around like a helicopter rotor while making hysterical “woop woop woop” sounds? That was the best part of that show. I bet Will barfed on himself after that happened. That’s probably the real reason why he had to leave Philadelphia: clothes that smelled like barf and shame.

woop woop woop!

Let’s take a look at Will Smith’s 10 best movies before I have the urge to “GET JIGGY WIT IT” (read: cry and poop until I fall asleep):

I Am Legend
i am legend!

Will is the last man alive and he has to fight and/or cure zombies. I remember watching this movie and being freaked out by the zombies. But then when I actually saw the CGI zombie people I thought they looked silly. It’s kind of like that episode of Doug when Doug and Patty go to a scary movie but they laugh when they see the monster’s zipper. That was me watching this movie. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? P.S. I was Doug not Patty.

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I, Robot
i am robot!

Will investigates a death that may or may not be attributed to intelligent iRobots. The movie features a freeway ambush scene where Will’s car is attacked by the iRobots. I thought his future car would explode with protective foam like the Demolition Man car, but I was disappointed when it turned out to be just a regular car with airbags. You’re telling me in the future we still use airbags? That’s what I remember from this movie.

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i am hancock!

Hancock is a superhero (played by Smith) who doesn’t care what people think and cares less about his reputation. First, this movie has Charlize Theron in it so that’s a win. Second of first, how did Hancock put that guy up the other guy’s butt? Scientifically, how did it happen? We never see it in the movie, but I feel like that would’ve been breaking news in that universe. Why didn’t the new cover this? Sure, superheroes are newsworthy, but a guy was up another guy’s rectum. Nobody mentions this again so that’s a loss.

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Bad Boys for Life
i am bad boy for life!

This is another Bad Boys movie. Will and Martin Lawrence play cops who shoot things and make jokes. Lots of explosions, laughs, and more explosions. The biggest sin this movie made is not saving the title for the next Bad Boys movie. Really wasted the potential for a Bad Boys 4 Lyfe. Now what are they gonna call the next movie? Bad Boys: High Five?

Click here to watch Bad Boys for Life even though it should be called Bad Boys 3

Jersey Girl
i am girl from jersey!

The movie is about a man (Ben Affleck) who has to take care of his daughter and his career. You might say, “hey yo, why is dis movie so high up here, eh?” To which I will respond with a.) what is that accent? and b.) Will is only in a few minutes of this movie, but his conversation with Ben Affleck was an underrated cinematic gem. Two icons talking about parenting and enjoying each other’s company while making life-altering decisions. Also, I think the movie is underrated and I like Kevin Smith and this is my list so I get to add it in. So in your face! Many people will joke that this scene is Deadshot talking to Batman, but I prefer to think of it as the Fresh Prince talking to King George. That King George reference will make sense in the future.

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The Pursuit of Happyness
i am happy!

This movie stars Will as a struggling parent trying to find a job and take care of his son while in poverty. There’s a scene where Will gets hit by a car so hard that his shoe flies off. I kept asking, “what happened to his shoe?” He just left his shoe. Nobody else could find the shoe under the cars. The rest of the movie should’ve been Will looking for his lost shoe. The Pursuit of The Lost Shuu they could’ve called this one. This shoe mystery clearly still haunts me to this day.

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Bad Boys 2
i am bad boy too!

This is the second Bad Boys movie. That’s why it’s correctly named Bad Boys 2. Why didn’t they have DJ Jazzy Jeff as the other Bad Boy? He’s bad. Remember that time he made out with HIlary Banks in front of her dad Uncle Phil? Then threw Uncle Phil out the mansion? Only a bad boy would do that. Martin Lawrence never did that – he wasn’t bad enough. Also, the Reggie date intimidation scene is funny but it hits too close to home because in high school I went to pick up my prom date and her dad and uncle put a gun in my face. Sure, I was extremely high and only wearing shoes, but I still don’t think they should’ve yelled at me so much.

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Men in Black
i am man in black!

Will Smith is a new recruit to a secret alien-fighting government agency who discovers a sinister assassination plot. What are the limits of that mind eraser laser? Does it only affect eyeballs? Or does it erase your mind if it touches you? What about if I’m opening my mouth? Or what if I record the laser and close my eyes but watch it later? Will my mind be erased? I need someone to explain this to me. Is this like some Lost Ark situation where you just keep your eyes closed and you’re safe? What about those sunglasses? Do they have some kind of magical shielding like the glasses Cyclops wears? There’s a lot of questions and references in this paragraph I’m sorry. What is this movie about again? Ninjas?

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i am hitch!

Smith is a charming date doctor who helps a client romance the woman of his dreams even while having date problems of his own. I like the part where that Chip guy tries to pick up Eva Mendes and Will Smith basically tells him to GTFO. In the theater, I was like, “Chip’s AHOYYYYYY!” really loud and had my hand up for high fives. Everyone told me to shut up and sit down in the theater. But I thought it was funny and I self high-fived myself later p.s. not a metaphor.

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Independence Day
welcome to earf!

This movie is best Will Smith movie because he flies a jet, punches aliens, makes witty jokes, and saves the world. It’s also a great movie to watch before the end-of-the-world. But, I remember watching this movie in the theater and when that dog manages to escape a TSUNAMI OF FLAMES like he’s goddamn Air Bud, I started to boo. That’s right, I booed that dog. Boo I say! Your dog slow-motion escaping a wall of flames ruined my movie immersion of aliens and government secrets and spaceships and guys who do office work while the apocalypse is happening outside. I stood up in the theater and started booing the dog but I think a lot of PETA folks were the audience because people told me to shut up and sit down. I high-fived myself later for booing that dog p.s. still not a metaphor.

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Thank you for surviving another article! And thank you to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff for the ‘Summertime’ music video where they’re at a block party and Will is wearing a Speed Racer shirt. Go YouTube it, nerds, because I’m off to GET JIGGY WIT IT!

woop woop!
woop woop!
woop woop!
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