Thursday, April 18, 2024

Press Pause to Watch the Best 5 Video Game Movies

Video games are cool but a lot of time they don’t translate into great movies. That’s why a movie studio (or Crackle) should hire me to create a successful video game movie. I will call it “GoldenEye” and it will be based on the hit Nintendo 64 video game GoldenEye 007. There ya go that idea is free.

Now hurry and save your game so you can pay attention to this list of the best five video game movies ever.

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 1

No not the Sonic the Hedgehog live action movie, Sonic Mania Adventures. This is the animated movie that was released with the Sonic Mania video game. I’m categorizing it as a video game movie because whatever don’t yell at me nerds this is my listicle website I do what I want:

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 2

Ho ho ho if you thought the first Sonic Mania Adventure was exciting guess what! They made a sequel! Is it better than the first movie? Sure whatever just watch the movie below to see what happens next.

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 3

If you thought the sequel to Sonic Mania Adventures was good, just wait until you watch the trilogy ender. New characters, new plot twists, some other stuff happens. Some would say it’s better than the first two movies. Others might say it’s not as good as the first two movies. I would say that it is definitely part 3 of this movie series that I’m going to write about and you can’t stop me from typing these words.

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 4

After the Sonic Mania Adventures trilogy, SEGA decided to make another movie because I don’t know why not part 3 is done and a fourth entry was probably planned the entire time. Here’s the fourth best video game movie you might as well watch because you watched the others and you might as well keep watching what happens next.

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 5

Well after the thrilling conclusion to the fourth best video game movie, it was only natural to want to watch the next best video game movie. So here is Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 5 what did you think I’d put Tomb Raider or Mortal Kombat in this list? Hell no. Now watch part 5 because this is the last movie on this list and why are you still reading these words just click on the YouTube link instead of pretending I have something worthwhile to say here.

Thanks for taking the five or six minutes to read another classic Cinema Listed dot com article! Now go tell your kids to go outside while you play some classic video games like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Stickybear Math.

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